Timeless and durable, a beautifully installed hardwood floor provides a basis for countless aesthetic directions — from sleek modernity to rustic comfort, the experts at the Floors Etc. design center know which material you need to achieve the look you desire.

From sleek modernity to old-world classic, the product and installation experts at the Floors Etc. design center know what material you need to achieve the look you desire. And, we have the experience to know what type of installation will work best in your unique architectural situation.

If you are installing hardwood in an existing space, it is crucial to consider the full layout of your structure for a smooth and seamless installation. If you are building from the ground up, you want to rely on a tried and true hardwood floor that will last. Market trends come and go, but at Floors Etc. we have the history to distinguish premier product—and the connections to get it at the right price. Whether you are a developer, commercial entity, or a homeowner, you will get a luxury experience at Floors Etc.


Citrus Floor Cleaner

Cleans and enhances the natural beauty of your floors. Cleaning your floors has never been easier. Just spray on flooring surface and mop, no rinse needed. This cleaner is great for cleaning Hardwood and LVT floors. This formula leaves behind a fresh citrus aroma with NO streaks or dulling residue. It can tackle even the toughest stains, but it is gentle enough for the most delicate floor finishes. It’s a safe alternative to damaging floor cleaners that may remove the finish and dry out the wood over time. Safe to use around kids and pets.

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