Area Rugs

Area rugs are a great way of adding fascinating aesthetics and breathtaking color to your home décor. Our extensive collection offers a variety of styles and textures.
Silk, Sisals, Moroccan style and more! Floors Etc. designers have expert knowledge on all area rug styles. We have the experience and style knowledge to help you select the perfect area rug to complete any personal style from Modern to Classic and any style in between.

We offer beautiful hand knotted and hand tufted pieces that we source from Tibet, Nepal and India. We also create custom rugs and runners in house, incorporating the extensive selection of our broadloom carpets. There is a wide range of binding options that are available, and our design experts will guide you through the right selection for your project.

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Traditional area rugs offer classic patterns in neutral shades with pops of color, to add a fresh yet familiar take on time honored designs.


Contemporary area rugs introduce bold contrasting colors and unique geometric or free form shapes. This style is considered more modern by incorporating art deco looks.


Silk rugs have a luxurious shine that is unmatched by any other type of fiber. Silk rugs are often soft, thin, and fine to the touch.


Overdyed rugs makes use of vibrant colors to create a unique masterpiece! The dying and bleaching process of vintage pieces creates a brilliant new color scheme.

Sisals and Natural Fibers

Sisal and natural fiber rugs add texture to any indoor or outdoor space. The construction of these rugs allows for textures and weaves that other rugs cannot achieve. They can create a minimalist look to perfectly match your own personal style.

Flat Weave Rugs

Flatweaves come in many colors, sizes, and fibers; making them not only stylish but also dependable options for your home! These durable rugs are easy maintenance and are perfect for busy areas in your home.

Moroccan and Textured

Moroccan rugs embrace vibrant designs that focus on indigenous craft and stories. The design patterns and thickness are created by using a specific weaving technique which was introduced by the Moroccan weavers.

Cowhides and Skins

Cowhides and skins bring a touch of the natural world to your home. They are easy to clean and great to layer with other area rugs. Since the patterns are often neutral in color, they are sure to match with any space.

starter kit

James Interior Cleaner

The James Starterset is a “first aid kit for stain accidents” for the maintenance of carpet, rug and upholstery. Small sizes of the products James Stainwonder (100 ml), James Stainspray (50 ml) and James Water (100 ml) are included together with a on-packaging printed full colour James Staindisc and a cotton cleaning cloth in a sturdy resealable packaging.
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