For our commercial clients, we are more than a floor covering specialist—we are a trusted partner in making sure that products are perfect, timelines are followed, and budgets are met. Your project is our project, from start to finish. When we build relationships with suppliers, not only do we look at quality; we also look at responsiveness, as well as shipping and production accuracy. Time is money, and when you are installing floors in a commercial capacity, it has to go right the first time. Moreover, we look at the way manufacturers respond to claims or problems. We want to know that they stand behind their product, the way we stand behind ours. This business is built on trust.
We feel 100% comfortable with any level of project and want ever commercial flooring client to be proud of their floor installation, and happy with the service they have received. We are the company that is willing to listen, and willing to put the rubber to the road to get results.

A tech-forward company, we are always looking for new ways to innovate and streamline our operations, without sacrificing quality. Automated estimating (interlink) processes and digital budgeting (interlink) means a faster turnaround for our clients, and a comprehensive database of knowledge for our staff. Sustainability is valued at Floors Etc., and by 2020 we will be a 90% paperless company.
Our design and installation specialists have the experience and the clout to know what they are getting when investing in a product. For example, when inspecting a piece of tile, there are quality signifiers that you can see, and those you can’t see. You need to have full understanding of a company’s track record and jobs they have done in the past. At Floors Etc. we have the comprehensive knowledge you need to make your project a success.