Hard Surface Installation Checklist

Getting Ready For Your Hard
Surface Installation

Congratulations on your flooring purchase. We look forward to providing you with an exciting new look to your home and a great Floors Etc experience. All hard surface flooring installations are truly a construction process. In order to make this process go smoothly, there are some things that you can plan for and do in advance:

start time

We will call you two days prior to the installation to give you an approximate start time. Please recognize that traffic and other external causes can affect the installers’ arrival time at your home.


Wood flooring material needs to acclimate (adjust) to the moisture and temperature conditions of the installation environment for 2 or 3 days before it can be installed. We will contact you to arrange the delivery.

home access

It is recommended that you are present at the start of the installation to go over any questions with the installer and make arrangements for entry/exit to your home.
Please be aware that the moisture content of the installation site is an important factor for wood floor installs. We will perform all the necessary moisture tests and inform you of any issues.

Before installation day, please be sure that:

• The installation site is completely enclosed, with outside windows and doors in place.
• All wet processes (like drywall and plaster) are finished before installation
• Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems are operable.
• Electricity and water are directly available in the work area.

For the areas directly affected by the installation:

• Create a clear path through your home for easy access to the installation area.
• Remove all items from cabinets, entertainment centers, bookcases, closets, etc…
• Move any breakables, such as lamps, vases, mirrors, wall hangings, antiques or other valuables.
• Disconnect and remove all electrical equipment.
• We cannot disconnect gas appliances, toilets, pedestal sinks, stacked washer/dryer units, or a direct hook up electric stove. You will need to arrange for outside contractors to handle any of the above prior to the start of the installation, as well as have them re-connected after installation.
We will do our best to minimize dust and dirt but any hard surface installation will create some mess. You should cover or move anything that you want to keep clean and plan on doing some cleaning after the installers are finished.

Current flooring:

If we are removing your current flooring we have anticipated that we will be able to utilize your existing sub floor, with possible minor corrections. However, it is impossible to know for sure if the sub floor may have deficiencies, which would require more extensive improvement or even replacement. That determination cannot be made until after the current floor is taken up. If more work or material are needed you will be informed, quoted a price, and asked to approve the cost prior to us doing the additional work.

After installation:

Please be prepared to pay our installers COD upon completion of the installation. You may also call our offices to pay by credit card. We also offer an easy payment option on our website.
Your feedback is very important to us; we encourage you to call our installation department with any concerns or suggestions.