Carpet Installation Guidelines

Getting Ready For Your
Carpet Installation

Congratulations on your carpet purchase! We at Floors Etc want to ensure that your installation process runs as smoothly as possible! Here are some tips and guidelines that will help get you ready and let you know exactly how the install will go.

Getting ready for your install:

Bookcases / shelves

Bookcases/shelves must be emptied and/or boxed. We will move items that are boxed. We will move bookcases, and replace them when done, but will not re-shelve items.


Remove all times from bottoms of closets and long hanging clothes.


Remove bedding. We will disassemble/re-assemble beds – with the exception of: waterbeds, loft beds, platform beds with attached nightstands.


We will not handle/remove urine-soaked carpet/padding unless it is cut up/wrapped. If the areas to be installed are not prepared ahead of time, the installation crew may leave. You will need to re-schedule and an additional charge may be incurred.

If the areas to be installed are not prepared ahead of time, the installation crew may leave. You will need to re-schedule and an additional charge may be incurred.

Please keep in mind that:

Our installers will move standard furniture, but only if it has been cleared of all breakable and fragile items such as; lamps, pictures, decorations, dishes & china. Bookcases should be emptied, and dresser drawers removed or emptied prior to the arrival of our installers.
If you have items of value, such as artwork, antiques or computer systems, please remove them prior to our arrival. All electronics should be disconnected prior to installation; TV’s, VCR’s, Stereo Systems, etc.
If we have not received prior notice, there will be an extra charge for removal of items such as; pianos, exercise equipment or any other piece not considered ‘standard’.
We will not move pool tables, grand pianos, floor safes, or animal housings; aquariums, terrariums, etc.
Flooring installation is considered to be part of the ‘construction process’. As such, it is often inevitable for walls to receive minor scratches and marks. New paint is especially vulnerable. We will always do our best to minimize and markings, but do suggest that you have some touch-up paint available to use after we leave as necessary.

Start time:

You will receive a confirmation call from our installation department two days prior to the installation date. During this call, we will discuss the details of the installer arrival time, the crew who will be installing, and any other pertinent aspects.
We just want to let you know that because conditions vary with each job, we cannot guarantee a specific hour of arrival. Typically, our installers should arrive within the 2 hour window indicated above. If you are the second or third stop the times may vary. We will keep you up to date should we become aware of any delay!

Manufacture guidelines for installation:

All our installations are performed under manufacturer recommendations and guidelines. While we endeavor to minimize the appearance of seams, please know that there is no such thing as an ‘invisible seam’ in carpet or vinyl. Some products will show seams more readily than others.

After installation:

Please be prepared to pay our installers COD upon completion of the installation. You may also call our offices to pay by credit card. We also offer an easy payment option on our website.
Your feedback is very important to us; we encourage you to call our installation department with any concerns or suggestions.