Floors-Etc.'s selection of area rugs includes a wide variety of beautiful and unique Handmade area rugs, Hand knotted area rugs, Tibetan, Indian, Turkish, Antique, Moroccans, Flatweaves, Handtufted, Hair on hide and more.


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Based on the Greeks and Romans, this design style is based upon order, balance, and perfect harmony. Geometric shapes and calculated patterns are used to help create a sense of perfect symmetry within the rugs design. 




These designs focus on “Less in More” with items consisting of smooth profiles instead of ornamentation. Focusing on lines our collection has a variety of eye catching designs.   




First discovered in China, silk was permitted to be worn only by the emperor and his close realities. Today silk can be used in the construction of rugs consisting of pure silk or as a blend to help highlighting certain areas. With its smooth texture and luxurious sheen silk is still one of the most desired natural fibers around. 





A technique performed on vintage handwoven wool carpets by a process of bleaching, dyeing and washing.  Overdyeing produces a carpet that's richly saturated in color with the original pattern peeking through.




The natural colored fibers are woven together to create simple patterns. Having strength, durability, and texture the characteristics and appearance for the natural fibers are a favorite for ­interior designers. 





A recent trend in a must have item in home décor. Flat weaves are reasonably priced, are available in the boldest patterns and colors, and have zero pile to deal with making them easy to put in any space. 




Originally used as warm comfy bed covers, these handwoven carpets are much plusher and softer than your average area rug. They are made from the wool of sheep which yields a thick and warm fiber in rich cream to beige tones.  




Naturally stain resistant they are a great choice for high traffic areas for both pets and children.  The various colors and natural beauty they have will add a luxurious eclectic feel to any room.

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