Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Baltimore, MD

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Rediscover luxury vinyl tile flooring, and enjoy a visually appealing floor that lasts for many years. Whether you prefer the appearance of wood plank or tile floors, you’ll find a wide range of styles to complement your design preferences. We serve commercial as well as residential clients. For a high-end flooring option that is durable and comfortable underfoot, your choice is clear – luxury vinyl flooring in Baltimore and Washington, DC.

Made using advanced manufacturing techniques, LVT has come a long way over the years. This product is made to look like read hardwood, tile, and natural stone but with the ability to endure wear and tear. These stylish and durable floors work well in any room and create a positive impression wherever you place them. Come in to peruse our collections of all of the following brands of durable vinyl flooring:

  • Allied
  • Altro
  • Amtico
  • Armstrong
  • Azrock
  • Centiva
  • Expanko
  • Forbo
  • Karn Dean
  • Lonseal
  • Metroflor
  • Nafco
  • Roppe

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Advanced & Attractive Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Every type of luxury vinyl flooring is manufactured using several layers for strength and appeal. While each manufacturer has its own techniques, they still provide the basics of this quality flooring option. Our sales professionals recommend this floor due to its strength, stylishness, and versatility – made possible through each instrumental layer, which include the following:

Layer 1: UV and Coating Layer

This strong, stain-resistant layer endures the wear and tear that your floor undergoes over the years. It is also resistant to moisture, as well as fading due to exposure to sunlight. This means your floors won’t fade in direct sunlight or warp due to moisture.

Layer 2: Printed Layer

Printed to look like authentic stone or tile, this layer takes advantage of the latest technology in the industry. Printing methods include imperfections, such as knots you would have in wood and indentations you would see in stone or ceramic. Let us show you how varied these styles truly can be.

Layer 3: Fill or Strength Layer

Responsible for cushioning as well as stability, this layer is what keeps your floors solid throughout years of wear. It is also responsible for keeping your feet comfortable when you walk on the floors.

Layer 4: Backing Layer

Just right for resting on the subfloor and providing a watertight layer, this part of a laminate floor helps to absorb sound in your home and stop moisture from the subfloor from reaching the product. The texture of this layer also keeps your floors even and in place.

Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank Flooring Options

From authentic-looking stone luxury vinyl tile to luxury vinyl plank that looks like hardwood, you have endless options when you want give your floors an upgrade. Customers often come to us because they want to update the kitchen or bathrooms in a transformative manner. Either vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring provides impressive results. Both are popular styles for commercial customers that want to add a sense of style to their property. Choose your wood species and finish. Select the type of stone or ceramic style you want. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect laminate floor for you at our flooring store.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation Professionals

Depend on our professional installers for exceptional services from start to finish. Our team of experts has decades of work experience behind us. We have all of the tools and training to make sure the subflooring is even and your new floors are properly installed. In addition, we make sure any transitions between rooms are seamless. Our luxury vinyl flooring installation team works efficiently and according to your schedule. Ensure that your new floors last for years by depending on us.

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