Custom Area Rugs in Baltimore, MD

Custom Area Rugs

Bring an element of style and sophistication into your home by visiting our flooring store for custom area rugs in Baltimore. Adding warmth to your living areas as well as protecting your floors, area rugs are ideal for property owners that appreciate form as well as function. From Oriental rugs and Indian rugs to hand-tuffed rugs and antique area rugs, we carry all types that cater to your preferences.

As one of Baltimore’s oldest, family-run businesses, we are the premier source for custom rugs that are high-end options for homeowners and commercial property owners. Create warmth, style, and comfort in any room by choosing us for all of your flooring needs. We carry a variety of area rugs in all sizes, shapes, styles, and colors from brand-name manufacturers.

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Custom-Made Rugs That Accent Your Décor

Change the ambiance of your room or accent your current décor with custom-made rugs. Much like painting your walls can brighten a living space, an area rug provides the dramatic look you want. In addition, our custom rugs come in all styles and colors, so they easily match your existing décor.

Do you want to add warmth and originality to your rooms? If so, consider made-to-order rugs. Whether it’s a large or small rug, an area rug provides the customized appearance you want. Even if you love your flooring, the element you are missing to pull it all together just might be one of our custom-made rugs. Complement an entire color scheme or room style with the addition of area rugs. The rugs we offer provide you with all of the following additional benefits:

  • Add Warmth to Your Rooms
  • Define Spaces in an Open Floor Plan
  • Prevent Injury from Slipping on Hard Surfaces
  • Create a New Look for a Room with No Remodeling
  • Conceal Any Floor Imperfections
  • Draw the Eye to a Specific Direction
  • Reduce the Amount of Sound in Your Home or Office
  • Easy Cleaning and Replacement if Necessary
  • Accent Your Interior Design

Made-to-Order Rugs for Design

Let us customize your rug to suit your needs. If you have a long hallway, a wide room, or an oddly shaped layout, made-to-order rugs might be the solution to give it depth and variety. You get all of the warmth associated with new rugs without any of the inconvenience of finding several rugs to fit an odd space.

Our sales professionals fulfill special orders of all sizes, shapes, and patterns. Due to our partnership with Floor Coverings by CPA, we have access to high-end rug orders that are made to last. Investing in one of their pieces is a significant value-adding feature for your home or office. If you’d like, we can also turn your existing carpet into a beautifully bound area rug.

Area Rugs from Floor Coverings by CPA

Through our close relationship with Floor Coverings by CPA, we ensure you have the right rugs to improve your space. For instance, if you are a commercial customer, an area rug adds an element of elegance in your executive office or a hotel lobby. We provide you with a selection of handmade, custom rugs as well as broadloom carpets. Styles and patterns vary, just as much as our clients’ needs. There are classic options like Oriental rugs as well as floral patterns or even solids. Some of the rooms in the home that benefit from area rugs include:

  • Basements
  • Children’s Playrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Long Hallways
  • Entryways
  • Breakfast Nook
  • Family Rooms
  • Staircases

Look no further than our business if you want to upgrade your space with custom area rugs. Contact us for information about colors and sizes we have in stock.